Top Paid to click PTC highest paying site 2019 Review scam or legit

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IS LEGIT old Pay Per Click Advertising site With over 1874 days of history

Ways to make money:view ads , flip the coin, monero miner



IS LEGIT PTC One of the most reputable sites with a history of 1414 days

The payment is 24 hours a day, and most importantly PayPal and cryptocurrency pay
Ways to earn: view ads offerS



IS LEGIT One of the most reputable PTC sites that pay PayPal

Ways to make money:view ads, ptcwall , offers4all...




clixblue instant payment old Pay Per Click Advertising site

Earn money: bonus game, view ads,monero miner,referral market,earn a bonus



IS LEGIT is a popular and trusted PPC site for users

Ways to Make Money: view ads,ptc wall,offers4all ads...



IS LEGIT Valid PTC site that does not Scams

Ways to make money:view ads ,games flash,PTS...




Sprizclix is PTC Site an advertising platform that lets the advertisers from all over the world to reach thousands of potential customers. 
minimum withdrawal 5$



    closed The advantage of this site is PPC the price of the clix upgrade

Ways to Make Money: Reentral Rent 10 clicks a day, Pay it instantly...
Ways to make money: view ads
minimum withdrawal 3.5$




Cash4ever is an advertising platform that allows users some good earnings and advertise their business or products.There also some extra services like "money exchanges"
.minimum withdrawal 3$


 SCAM A great PPC site with instant payment

Ways to make money: view ads,bonus game,monero miner,flip the coin



 closed is New pay per click advertising site

Ways to make money:view ads,spin and win,atibux grid,buy lottery...
minimum withdrawal 3$







      SCAM is one of the reputable public sites

 Ways to make money: view ads,faer grid, head tail, paid to signup offers

3 days free upgrade