MERCATOX Great exchange cryptocurrency site 2019 - review: is legit

FEES and LIMITS. Trade fee - 0.25%. Instant withdrawals limits: for ...


mercatox new coin market in the world 
A Market order is a buy or sell order to be executed immediately at current market prices. Market orders are therefore used when certainty of execution is a priority over price of execution. Pros: A market order is the simplest of the order types and being filled immediately. Cons: trader is accepting any best available price on the market.

Deposit Mercatox
You can send any cryptocurrency coin listed with Mercatox to your wallet, simply by transferring it to your Mercatox deposit address. Follow these steps below: 
• Log in to your Mercatox account 
• Click 'E-Wallet', find proper coin and press deposit 
You can Withdraw any cryptocurrency coin held in your Mercatox account by using Withdrawal button. Withdrawals can be made to any relevant address such as a personal wallet or an alternative exchange service and must match the same coin you are withdrawing.

Which crypto-currencies can be exchanged? BTC, DOGE, ETH, LTC
Payment solutions Cryptocurrency Wallet
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