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1- I. Some investment in hyips that are more reliable. There are a handful of hyips (about 10 hyips) that have ssl. (Of course, the credibility of different SSL providers varies) In addition to the fact that ssl provides financial security for a website (which further increases its credibility), the ssl (secure socket layer) certification authority for issuing it, company registration documents And the identity of the applicant is sought and validated by the government authorities of the applicant country; therefore, a ssl, such as a passport or certificate, indicates the existence of website owners and the persistence of their violations. Also, by tracking the addresses and phone numbers announced by the hyips, asking questions from hype managers (for example, about their Forex records), tracking the domain name of the site, a long history and ... you can find the most trusted hubs.

2-Some investors are investing in new hyips. In this case, regardless of the amount of benefit they pay and other evidence that they are fraudsters, some start investing in these hyips, pick up the profits paid by the hyips, and do not reinvest all of them. After a while (between a few days and one or two months), the amount of profit they earned is higher than their initial capital. Even if hyips is a crook, they have not been harmed.

3-Users distribute their capital between different sites. For example, if the source of thousands of dollars they invest in 5 sites $ 500 &1000. Thus, by closing one or a few sites, the individual will not lose his entire capital. Some have their own capital in the first-rate hubs, some in the hips of the 2nd and some in both types.

Investing in these sites is your responsibility!



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