The Telegram and WhatsApp are equipped with a digital exchange service!


The popular Dash Text service, which allows users to send digital cash via SMS, is currently being tested on Telegram and WhatsApp messengers.

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The popular Dash Text service, which allows users to send digital cash via SMS, is currently being tested on Telegram and WhatsApp messengers.

The developers of the service said March 4th:

We will test the service today on the telegram. If you would like to help us develop this post, send us your feedback by replying to this Tweet or email

The post-WhatsApp telegram is the largest platform for messaging in Venezuela. Demo version of Dash and Telegram integration now accepts apps for testing, but accepts Spanish speakers as the platform currently supports only Spanish. The global telegram is a demo, but the final product is expected to be launched first in the selected countries. Soon a demo version of the service will be launched on WhatsApp.

Lorenzo Rey, chief technology officer for Dash Tech, said that the team is currently focusing on texting via texting in Venezuela, but there are many outside applicants who use other messaging platforms. The company intends to provide its service to Telegraph and WhatsApp for all individuals, even those whose cell phones do not support the SPV wallet, so that they can send money to each other without intermediaries. He announced:

Yes, our first priority is to send money to Venezuela, and we think integration of messaging and texting programs is a country-to-country process. Most Venezuelans living abroad are smartphones, so they can send money easily to their family through the messaging platform that uses it every day using a user-friendly DSL service.

Venezuela has received a lot of news last year due to intense inflation in the international media, and there are reports of border closures with Brazil and Colombia these days. The Dash Start Desk is investigating how its platform can help its people get rid of the weak economy and difficult political conditions. The team also played a significant role in delivering products and services to improve the people's situation from the crisis.

The unhappy situation in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, has not changed much, with the exception of marches that take place once a month, and people continue to live everyday. Most of the chaos are related to the border areas. This has affected the progress of the project as Venezuelans and the world are focusing on the economic crisis. However, we continue to strive for generalization and acceptance of this program because people still need such solutions in their everyday lives.

Other companies, such as CoinText, also appreciate and value the value of such an idea. The Kevin Text service allows individuals in different countries to send digitized currency such as Dash and Bitcoin via SMS with a small fee. The service is highly valued for a country like Venezuela, which has almost 60% of its smartphone population.

The start-up of Dash Text was originally aimed at Latin America, as the country's economic infrastructure provided the people with the most benefit from digital currencies. The Venezuelan government has begun a series of conferences for businessmen and their use by users. It has also expanded to Brazil and Colombia. Dash accelerated the process of accepting and using digital currencies not only by investing in the developer community, but also in partnership with Cripto Mobile (Kripto Mobile). This collaboration was designed to integrate with a wallet such as Uphold, Bitrefill, DiscoverDash. It ensures customers can easily send money abroad at a cost of less than $ 100. This cost was reduced further by setting up a money transfer service by texting. Such plans and innovations will reduce the cost of converting Fiat currencies into digital currencies for the public, and will bring them financial and economic freedom.

Source: dashnews

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