New digital currency digital telegram details released

New digital currency digital telegram details released


9 11 19

According to a document released on The Block, the TON Telegram platform had a 20% expansion by late 2018, and now about 90% of it has been completed.

According to the report, the most important part of this platform, the virtual machine of the telegram, is now completed. In a document published under the title Investor Update, it has been written that only a few minor changes are needed. The virtual machine runs a telegram like the virtual machine on the Ethereum network.

Last year, Telegram attracted $ 1.7 billion in two private pre-orders. This raise has raised expectations from the telegram platform and is expected to be rival for Ethereum, Ays, Thoron and other platforms related to the smart contract.

Reports indicate that the Ton Test Trial will be launched in March 2019. Initially, the TON TAN network was scheduled to be introduced in January.

According to the CCN news agency, the upcoming test network will allow independent developers to become familiar with the TON platform. As many users use telegram messengers, the TON platform is one of the most important projects in digital currencies. According to the news agency, given the fact that the telegram already has a lot of users available, it can more easily identify the digital currency of this platform, the Gram.

The Block's website, quoted from sources close to the telegram, said the company was seeking to launch the internal Token Telegram, the Gram, in major Asian exchanges such as Hovey, Baines, and Oaks. Telegram is also trying to launch its online messenger with partners in retail and retail stores.

According to the CCN news agency, privately-owned telegram sales of $ 1.7 billion worth of funds were sold at 2.2 billion tokens. Accordingly, the initial price of each token will be about $ 1. The CCN News Agency quotes the question: Will the platform, which has more than 200 million users at the start of the launch, could compete with Ethereum?

According to the CCN, the total number of grammar units is 5 billion. Some of these tokens will be available for development costs, but a large portion of them will be released.

According to the CCN, according to the $ 1.7 billion attracted capital, Token Grame will start at the top of the top ten digital currency markets. With the assumption that the whole market value is worth $ 1.7 billion, Gram will be in the eighth place after the launch, which will be a rival to Tron. Considering the enthusiasm for new digital currencies, the fourth-place market is not far from the mind. This rating is currently owned by AIS with only $ 2 billion worth of total market.

On February 6, the Russian news agency The Bell reported that the total value of the digital currency digital telegram, the Gram, could reach $ 30 billion by the end of 2019, and the price of one token would be traded at a price of more than $ 6.

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