Disclosure of the founder of PayPal: We originally intended to make a global currency like Cripto!

Disclosure of the founder of PayPal: We originally intended to make a global currency like Cripto!


3 11 19

Paypal, one of PayPal's founders, said that Paypal was originally intended to create an independent bank and government currency, which is similar to digital currency. On Thursday, January 31, a video of his talk was uploaded to the Crypto News Broadcasting Service, Bloxlive.TV.

At the World Economic Forum's summit in Davos, Switzerland, last week, Norsk was asked if PayPal or in-house payments within the Chinese chat messenger program, WeChat Pay, have already solved various online transaction problems, or Digital currencies are capable of solving these problems.

In response to this question, he stated:

Many do not know this, but PayPal's first mission was to create an independent global currency to prevent corrupt banking and government systems that would weaken the currency.

Expressing that Paypal has succeeded in building a strong economic structure, he argued that the company never achieved its initial goal, and instead, it was highly focused and dependent on large financial institutions such as Visa, MasterCard And Swift has found.

Paypal should do whatever it takes to keep these institutions happy. He continued, "Paypal has learned to play."

Lukaszsk, as a member of the SpaceX board of directors, and also a friend of Paypal's founder of Illan Mask, regretted that he and Ilan Mask did not always have enough time to develop a concept close to a decentralized digital currency. . The reason for this failure was the pressure of investors to produce this product as soon as possible.

He pointed out that Beatcoin and Ethereum developers are keen to create unique ecosystems, as well as a lack of early coercion to accept their product, and hopes that these two will never see the pressure pushed by investors to PayPal Are not included.

PayPal, a pay-as-you-go system withan average of 254 million people in the third quarter of 2018, has recently launched a block-based bonus system for its employees to participate in innovation-related programs. And the idea is given to the Token employees. They can pay off these tokens by taking advantage of the many benefits that the company has put in place.

Source : cointelegraph

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