Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is probably equipped with a quad camera


While the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still far away for months, the latest rumors of the number of cameras are expected.

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While the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still far away for months, the latest rumors of the number of cameras are expected.

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold are not the only high-end products of Samsung this year, and the company plans to unveil the Galaxy Note 10 officially later. While we still know a bit about this handset, the Symbian website revealed some of the details of the Note 10 beyond reliable sources.

Symbol says that it's better to call it the Galaxy Note 10, as we can not really talk about the ultimate name for the time being. However, we would again point out that this name is not the final one. Recently, we have heard a lot of rumors about the introduction of the new Samsung brand to replace the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, however, this does not seem to happen this year. In fact, at least one other handset from the Galaxy Notebook series will go on sale.


It looks like the new Samsung SM-N975F is a smartphone with 4 separate cameras in its back panel. If this happens, the Galaxy Note 10 will become the second Samsung flagship, which will use the main camera for shooting and capturing video from the quad. The Koreans had already introduced the Galaxy 10 in the 2019 NECK with 4 cameras (Galaxy S-10 Fujitsu).

However, we still do not know some of the questions about this new phone. One of the important points in the model number is why at the end of it there is a number 5 instead of zero. You probably know the number of the most commonly used numbers in the Galaxy Note series is usually zero. It's likely that this number will be linked to the Galaxy Note 10's 5G network. In fact, we anticipate that Samsung will launch the Note 10 in two models with support for 4G LTE and the other with 5G support. The current model number is probably related to the 5G version of this handset.

The quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is exactly the same as the Galaxy S5 5G, which is a matter of time. Other important points related to Samsung's new notebook series are the ability to use a larger and more powerful display (possibly Infinity-O) alongside a larger battery. The benefit of a stronger battery, especially for the 5G model, is important. The handset will probably have an enhanced cooling system to control the heat generated by its chip activity.

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