26 12 2020
Dave the Wave: Bitcoin reaches $ 100,000!

Famous Bitcoin analyst Dave the Wave has said in his latest forecast that the long-term king of digital currencies will reach $ 100,000. He had previously correctly predicted bitcoin prices to fall below $ 6,000.

11 2 2019
Bitcoin is still $ 20,000?

Bitcoin, one of the world's most famous digital encryption currencies, has experienced a sharp fluctuation in its value against the dollar over the past year, which has led many analysts and experts to highly contradictory predictions about the future and the bitcoin Present and publish.

3 1 2019
The sharp rise in Bitcoin prices after six months!

Today, March 13, Bitcoin has grown steadily in less than two hours from $ 4,200 to $ 4,800 and even traded at some exchanges for more than $ 4,900. We are currently writing this report, each Beat Covey unit traded at around $ 4,670.

25 1 2019
Bitcoin Price Will Rise Significantly Ahead Of The Next Bitcoin Halving

The next halving of the halves will be on May 20, 2020. After this, the number of bitcoins produced by the extractors for block creation is reduced. This is a mechanism in which the number of bitcoins in the cycle is controlled at a specific time. Experts in the different areas of the digital world have reviewed this issue.

20 12 2019
Bitcoin price prediction; Tom Lee broke his silence!

Thomas Lee, Founder Founder, who has been known for Bitcoin price forecasts and a deep understanding of Bitcoin's market, spoke about the relationship between emerging markets and Bitcoin price on Twitter. According to his words, Bitcoin will have to pay $ 10-20 thousand to get other assets. Tom Lee said

15 12 2019
Coinbase Exchange Supports Stellar

Coinbase Pro, a digital currency trading and wallet service provider, will support the Stellar digital currency (XLM), according to a report published by Coinbase on March 13th.

13 12 2019
The Bitcoin Lightning Network has cost $ 3 million

Recently, the Lightning Network capacity, the Bitcoin Layer Scalability Protocol, has risen from $ 3 million to 773.7KB. The network currently has 7,185 ninety and 34,180 open payment channels.

3 12 2019
The $ 100,000 Award at the Binance Swap!

In the hope of attracting more people to test their new decentralized exchange platform, the digital currency exchange dealer is considering donating $ 100,000 to Tokens.