Coingate Ripple has been accepted as a payment method

Coingate Ripple has been accepted as a payment method


4 11 19

Coingate one of the pay-as-you-go companies, announced that XRP Token has provided Ripple as a payment method for purchasing goods and promotional products. This news was released on February 1 via Twitter.

According to a post on the Coingate blog, along with an attachment, the company announced that XRP Token Holders can use their tokens to purchase over 4,500 online stores. Coingate also announced that with the introduction of this method, which was first used by XRP to buy goods, he hopes to further increase the functionality of XRP tokens.

Customers using this service have announced that there are instant cash options available for Euros, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

In July 2018, Coingate launched a pilot program for about 100 promotional products to examine the functionality of the Lightning Bitcoin network and its impact on transactions.

Coin Telegraph has also recently reported that Aliant Payments has provided the ability in the United States to buy some commodities with digital currencies without charges.

The Japanese giant, SBI Holdings, has signed an agreement with the R3 consortium and Ripple to seek out some of the innovations that have been made. The company aims to do so by pursuing its macro policies in providing global standards for financial operations such as international transactions and financial transactions. The company also spoke about potential potential of Ripple in international transactions.

Source : cointelegraph


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