Mastercard ahead steals inventions and blockchain ratings!

Mastercard ahead steals inventions and blockchain ratings!


28 11 19

MasterCard will have the most global blockchain-wide patents among all US companies in 2017. It was released exactly in the week that EU lawmakers fined credit card service providers for limiting competition.

According to a study by UHY Hacker Young, a group of UK accountants and business executives, MasterCard registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) more than any other company in the US, inventions in the of blockchain. Has achieved.

The United States at the national level after China was the second largest country in the field of patent at the WIPO. 305 blockchain-made patent at the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2017, with more than half of the inventions associated with G7 companies.

American companies, in total, have 92 patents, 30% of total inventions and China 99% of global patents.

MasterCard on the blockchain

The UHY Hacker Young group has provided little information about MasterCard's blockchain plans, and only pointed out that one of the new inventions related to the block diagrams of the block is offline.

The Blockchain Library website, the latest update for November 2017, includes 11 patents in the Block Area of blockchain, filed by MasterCard at WIPO in 2017. The list includes the outsourced blocker China Offline, which UHY Hacker Young refers to, as well as strategies for verifying transactions in the blockchain cell and a new way for digital signing.

The Crypto Briefing website has been asking for information on the number and nature of the blockchain of inventions from MasterCard, but has not yet responded until the release of this article. The UHY Hacker Young team also did not specify whether MasterCard provided more information about their blockchain inventions.

Is mastercard driven to the corner of the blockchain market?

The move to the blockchain came just when the payment processor, MasterCard, was criticized for anti-competitive measures. European lawmakers were fined $ 650 million earlier this week for mastercard charges for manipulating payment cards.
While EU countries have different payment rates, MasterCard pays for traders who intend to move to a less costly union country, as much as a fee. According to the EU Commission's competition commission, this will reduce the ability of businessmen and banks to find lower fees, limit competition and increase costs for retailers and customers.

The MasterCard said in a statement that the fine imposed by the EU Commission on Competition is due to past actions, and that its current business model does not need to be reformed.

Today's Times reported that MasterCard also intervened in an agreement between the Visa and Smallport Corporation and offered a bid of 0.33 pounds per share, which is 0.03 pounds more than the Earthport proposal last month.

There are over 700 million Mastercard payment cards worldwide. The company first gained success in the inherited banking system, but the number of patents filed by the company suggests it is preparing itself to move to the blockchain in the future.

But the future that the company considered not to be common does not seem to be, and despite the fact that the European Union's fines are negligible, it seems that it carefully protects all of its new technology, regardless of whether it is decentralized, Is.
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