The Big Airborne BTT will begin tomorrow

The Big Airborne BTT will begin tomorrow


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The Arzdyjytal, tomorrow (11 February) with the block numbers Theron to number 6.6 million, Ayrdrap tokens BitTorrent (BTT) to holders Theron (TRX) will begin. In this report, we will address the details of the Big Airborne Bit Torrent Token.

The total number of BitTorrent tokens generated is 990 billion units. According to the plans, up to 10.1 percent of the total Tokens (that is, about 99 billion units) are to be credited to Thorne owners free of charge.

The operation will continue for several consecutive years and up to six years, until 2025, during which a large number of BitTorrent Tokens will be donated to the Thorne owners every month. The distribution of tokens will increase every 12 months.

Tomorrow, when Block Traun's number reaches 6.6 million, it will be copied from the inventory of Tron accounts and will be donated to the TRON Holders, the BTT Token. In the first 12 months, 990 million BTT units are leased each month. For each unit of Trunks (TRX), investors will receive around 0.11 BTT.

BitTorrent is one of the largest and oldest peer-to-peer platforms to share file sharing, which was purchased a few months ago by the Thorne Foundation. BitTorrent Tokens are designed to be used on the BitTorrent platform based on the TRC-10 standard on the Thorne network. For the first time, the first pre-sales of these tokens began at the Bayan Bay Stock Exchange, and ended in just 15 minutes in an investment of $ 7 million.

This airship will continue for the next six years, and each year in February, we will see a 5-fold increase in the distribution of tokens before reaching 1,402,500,000 BTT per month in February 2025.

Trust Wallet and Tron Wallet will support this airtime, with the exception of official currency exchanges.

The 6-year trend for BTT tokens will start officially tomorrow, but it may be that the Tokens will be available a few weeks later, at a distance of one week.

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