Meet Exodus Desktop Wallet

Meet Exodus Desktop Wallet


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Currency support: Multi-Purpose Wallet (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
, Dash, Dogecoin Cove, golem, Agor, Eos, Argon and Dickard)

Exodus is a versatile desktop with an easy-to-use interface. You can simultaneously keep track of the various types of valuation quoted above and do your own transactions. Exodus has an in-app exchange that lets you quickly sell your currencies. The superb system and programming of this wallet will allow you to keep your money fully secure. Exodus is provided with this open source and has the ability to change the source for other currency-based applications.

Exodus wallet has become one of the most used desktop wallets with a simple and popular interface that facilitates the transaction for each person.

Although it's always necessary to connect to the Internet when using Exodus, but do not worry, because the private exchange keys never go out of that system. There are features like private key backup, which lets you retrieve your inventory by email when you need it.

Exodus features:
  • It supports Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.
  • Does not support smart contracts.
  • You will need personalized mail to work with this wallet.


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